Deligent, a leader in solution-based consulting and outsourcing services, recently announced the development and release of a new mortgage solution called Lead DIRECT. This new solution offering will continue to enhance Deligent’ position in the banking and financial services industry with continued emphasis on cultivating resources with expertise in this field.
Concorde Acceptance Corporation, a large Dallas-based Mortgage Lender, was the first client to engage Deligent for this new solution. “Lead Direct is a compelling product that allows a seamless integration of lending processes from the initial lead all the way to the reporting of industry and customer-defined metrics,” said Bill Wall, Executive Sales Director at Deligent. “Our solution combines the functionality of a number of separate products available to the mortgage industry at a significantly better price and a guaranteed integration to whatever Loan Processing System the client already has in place. This is an exciting new offering that we’ll be looking to engage dozens of customers with.”


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