Resource Augmentation

Many companies find it challenging to respond to constantly changing technology needs and initiatives using only internal staff. To acquire strategic skills in a timely and cost-effective manner, many CIO's, MIS directors, and technical managers turn to Deligent Resource Division for quality project support resources. Deligent Resource Division offers companies the ability to quickly respond to technology initiatives by strategically acquiring skills and cost-effectively managing available resources.

Success in any IT outsourcing strategy depends on choosing the right partner that will best meet your IT skill, resource and deliverable goals. Deligent Resource Division is that partner. Deligent, through quality-focused recruiting and hiring methods, provides the right people with the right skills whenever and wherever they are needed. Our recruiting team has years of industry experience and a proven record of providing highly qualified IT professionals.

At Deligent, a careful skills and experience review is conducted prior to an engagement to ensure a consultant will be productive as soon as they join the project. Consultants receive a thorough technical evaluation and background check. Only consultants who surpass these high standards are engaged at Deligent client sites.

Deligent has become a leader by creating and acquiring a broad network of diverse IT Resource Division operations with extensive experience delivering a vast array of specialty and complementary services. Drawing on a discriminating and vast pool of top talent, today Deligent ensures that our clients are offered a broad skill set of resources which are readily available.

Deligent consultants deliver value, flexibility, and quality with skills spanning a broad range of technical disciplines.


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