Corporate Philosophy

Since its inception Deligent has emphasized on creation of customer value as its principal objective. We have made a reputation for ourselves by focusing on long-term relationship with clients. We spend our time and energy to understand and embrace their challenges; then help them apply leading edge technologies to bring value to their businesses.

Our Core Values

Integrity: Honesty and fairness are essential to the way we do business and how we interact with people. We are a company that keeps its promises. We do what we say we will do, and will conduct ourselves in accordance with our code of ethics.

Client Satisfaction: We guarantee a total commitment to our customer's requirements and expend all possible resources necessary to support our customer's objectives. We will exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement in quality, service, and productivity.

Focus on the long term: Our services are developed to foster a long-term relationship. We forego short-term gains to develop a long-term relation ship with all our customers.

Our Employees: Our corporate strength is a manifestation of diversity and involvement of our employees. We are committed to their fair and effective selection, development, motivation and recognition. We will provide employees with the tools, training and support to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction.

Our ability to grow and prosper over the long term will be the measure to validate and achieve our ideology. Despite short corporate existence, we have achieved considerable financial success and are recognized for having quality personnel, and providing exceptional service. As we continues to grow, we will maintain focus on fostering a culture that fully incorporates our values and vision.


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